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ExtraPep>HD Natural


EXTRAPEP>HD NATURAL – version without sweeteners, flavours, colourings, stabilizers and other additives. Also suitable to be combined with other AONE products.

Vitaminized powder concentrate with 100% short chain peptides of hydrolyzed whey protein. It provides most sophisticated bioactive short chain whey peptides (SCWPs) with extreme fast resorption. Professionals, who need an absolutely top class protein source, as well as sportsmen with high demand on fast absorbable protein, find SCWPs very useful. Thanks to a unique processing technology, Extrapep>HD can be used before, during or immediately after race, hard training or match.
Extrapep>HD is naturally rich on BCAAs and as a protein source it contributes to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass. The quality of this product makes it also suitable for professional athletes. We recommend setting an optimal dose before, during and after energy physical activity according to individual needs.

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Ingredients: short chain whey peptides from whey proteins, xanthane, inulin, vitamin blend (L-ascorbic acid, nicotin amide, calcium-D-pantothenate, thiamin hydrochloride, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, pteroylmonoglutamic acid, D-biotin, cyanocobalamin)

Serving Size: 10g = 2 tablespoonfuls = 1 scoop / 200 ml of water.

Recommendation: Take 3 or more, max. 6 servings per day according to your needs. EXTRAPEP>HD is determined for professional sportsmen, adjustment of an optimal dosage according to individual requirements before, during and after energy output is recommended.

The post workout “anabolic window” is a very short time gap directly after the workout, most efficient within the first 15 minutes, when you have the great possibility to activate the anabolic metabolism, resulting in immediate regeneration and feeding of your muscles with amino acids and other active ingredients to dramatically change your physique. In this very short time gap the anabolic potential decreases with every minute. Ordinary and even advanced whey protein supplements, taken immediately after the workout, need to be digested first, the amino acid concentration peaks in 30-60 minutes, when the anabolic potential is almost gone.

Nutrition Information 100 g 25 g (Serving) NRV*
Energy1436 kJ / 435 kcal379 kJ/ 89 kcal
Fat3 g0.3 g
 of which saturates3 g0.3 g 
Carbohydrates6 g0.6 g 
 of which sugars6 g0.6 g
Protein – SCWPs*71 g7.1 g
Salt2.5 g0.25 g
Vitamin C800 mg80 mg100 %
Thiamin/Vitamin B14.4 mg0.44 mg40 %
Riboflavin/Vitamin B25.6 mg0.56 mg40 %
Niacin64 mg0.64 mg40 %
Vitamin B65.6 mg0.56 μg40 %
Folic Acid800 μg80 μg40 %
Vitamin B1210 μg1 μg40 %
Biotin200 μg20 μg40 %
Pantothenic Acid24 mg2.4mg40 %

SCWPs* = short chain whey peptides
* NRV = Nutrient Reference Values per 1 serving

Why Short-chain peptides?

Peptide form of proteins and amino acids is the most advanced and most functional form of supplementation!

Peptides are short-chain small particles and have several advantages over protein supplements:

– extremely fast absorption
– maximum bioavailability
– Massive and rapid increase in muscle mass, strength and endurance
– ultra fast regeneration
– easy digestibility


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